Coming together

It’s officially official.

We’ve filed our DBA, gotten our taxes set up, and made all kinds of important arrangements for the business (boring) side of things.

Alchemias Art will be open for business very soon.

What kind of trouble are we getting into specifically?  I’m glad you asked!

Alchemy is the magical art of turning something into something else of greater value.  We take aluminum, plastic, and other discarded things and turn them into art, nerd supplies, and more.  We partner with some awesome people to bring you even more great stuff like jewelry and nerd bags and accessories, because why hog all the fun?

To get started, though, we’re raising capital.  Being the weirdos that we are, we’re going to avoid loans and go straight to you, our amazing audience, to get the ball rolling.

Stay tuned because starting next week, we’re going to have an entire store full of rare (and not-so-rare) comics.  We’re liquidating our coveted collection for the greater good of our business, and we encourage you as comic fans and generally nerdy people to take advantage.

In case you missed it, take a gander at one of our prototype dragons:

Remember, these are only prototypes, but they’re coming along.

You’ll be able to find our stuff here, and we’ll keep a robust convention and festival schedule.  Our calendar here will be updated regularly, and you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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