Healing Arts

The funny thing about magic is that people don’t usually start pursuing it unless things aren’t going well. The vast majority of the time, those not-well things are founded in all kinds of unhealthy conditions – and by “unhealthy,” I mean traumatized, ill, and suffering.

Thus, it’s only natural that a huge part of what any magical practice starts with is healing.

I currently still have available copies of the 2nd edition of my original Reiki textbook Reiki Your Leaves in paperback and e-book, and I’ve been toying with writing a 3rd edition for some time now, but that’s been tabled for now. Instead, I’m going to be focusing on the materials and lessons for Well-Healed, a more inclusive and expansive healing program that covers Reiki and so much more.

As of February of 2019, there are weekly live streams of the course that you can check out on our YouTube channel. These happen on Tuesdays at 7pm Central time. Make sure to subscribe so that you can get updated about the new videos and the upcoming topics.

(How do you guys feel about podcasts? Would you want to listen to podcasts?)

Session 1 Resources

Whenever you’re ready, download and print the Body Outline and run through the breathing and visualization technique we discussed in class.

We’ll see y’all soon! Check back regularly, and keep an eye out for the online self-paced courses as well.