Love Objects? Love Objects!

It’s all about the inflection, you know?  Do you object to love, or is it the object of your love?

I love to make.  Sometimes the noun doesn’t matter, it’s just the verb, but the best things I make are inspired by the loves of my life – partners, kids, friends, etc.  The best part of having love so expansive and inspiring is that I really think that sometimes you’ll like these things, too.

For instance, you know that tarot tile set here?  That was actually the second set I made (after the prototype), because the first was for my mother-in-law, whom I adore.

And that Love Log?  That’s what I made for my fifth anniversary with my husband, the Saint.  The ash log that I used was from the tree under which we got married, and it was recently knocked down by a storm.  Perfect opportunity to share the love and good luck with others, no?

And then there’s this one:

That was another anniversary gift for the Saint a few years ago, printed on high-quality paper with a giclee process.  (Prints of these will be available soon as well.)

The point is, the new section is going to be something of a catch-all for the more limited-run items that I make as we go.  You can always request something special if you think it matches my style and talents, I especially love making things that you’ll hold precious forever.

I’m expecting to have wooden pendants and bracelet pieces as well, with leather bands, because I adore that aesthetic.  Wood is so versatile in so many ways…

In case you were wondering, YES, we are still pursuing the aluminum casting.  We’re working on getting through the Halloween/holiday season in order to build a better foundry.  That’ll be a major undertaking, and when it’s complete, we’ll be in a position to crank out a ton of awesome and amazing things for you more readily.

Wait, do all these links go to Etsy?!

Why, yes, they do.  Maintaining multiple inventories was a royal pain in the ass, and I didn’t really want to pass the costs of the integration tools on to you.  So, I just built a little mini-app with an API and you can see the updated inventory right here whenever you like,  but all the transactions are through Etsy right now.

If you’re local and we happen to meet up, Etsy also integrates with Square, so I can take care of you on the spot as well.

Anyway, back to work.  These fucks aren’t going to make themselves…

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