Love Objects? Love Objects!

It’s all about the inflection, you know?  Do you object to love, or is it the object of your love?

I love to make.  Sometimes the noun doesn’t matter, it’s just the verb, but the best things I make are inspired by the loves of my life – partners, kids, friends, etc.  The best part of having love so expansive and inspiring is that I really think that sometimes you’ll like these things, too.

For instance, you know that tarot tile set here?  That was actually the second set I made (after the prototype), because the first was for my mother-in-law, whom I adore.

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Not to sound cliche, but…

What an insane year it’s been!  And it’s not even over yet!

We’ve come up for air briefly to share our new batch of horns, just in time for Halloween.  The earlier you order, the sooner you’ll get them.  You know how nuts things can get right around the Big Day.

This is our big push to generate the capital we need to replace the foundry, by the way.  It served us well for a while, but the intense use through our early stages of experimentation have take its toll on both the refractory and the crucibles.  That means we’re delayed on launching the aluminum stuff.

We’ll get there, though, don’t you worry your sweet little head about that.  In the meantime, here’s a robot:


Care and Feeding of Your New Horns

They’re finally here!

Our fantastic paste-on horns are made from Ultralight polymer clay, and each one weighs no more than 10 grams (most are closer to 6 grams). That means that you can wear them all day, and as long as you’ve gotten the paste right, you won’t even notice they’re there. The first time we did a wear-test with the prototypes and our preferred prosthetic glue, DG forgot they were on at all and accidentally wore them into the shower – and they stayed on! That’s mostly due to the glue, but a heavier prosthetic would have come off in the hot water, too. What else weighs 10 grams? How about two 8mm screw bolts? A handful of gummi bears? Two nickels?

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