Coming together

It’s officially official. We’ve filed our DBA, gotten our taxes set up, and made all kinds of important arrangements for the business (boring) side of things. Alchemias Art will be open for business very soon. What kind of trouble are we getting into specifically?  I’m glad you asked! Alchemy is the magical art of turning […]


It took some time around having to finish homework and kid things and then the stupid rain… but finally, we got the foundry finished and cured, and today we did our first test batch of aluminum! This is a very basic, inexpensive foundry, mainly so that we can test our preferences.  It’s a simple steel […]

What’s going on here?

As usual, I have been up to absolutely no good. This is the future home a slightly different kind of art store.  I’m going to feature the works of a few close and amazing artists.  What does it take to be included?  Be amazing can help, and tell me what kinds of world-saving, superhero antics […]