We are a very small shop, so we don’t do no-question returns.  However, we do take pride in our work, so if something has gone horribly wrong that is definitely our fault, we will do our best to rectify.

Generally speaking, we do not issue refunds.  If there are issues with your product that stem from the manufacturing process, we will offer a replacement, and we’ll cover the shipping. Be prepared to show evidence of the manufacturing defect (pictures, or in person if you catch us at a convention), and get ready to swap it out for another product of equal price.  Especially in the case of unique items like horns or hair pieces, we’re really serious about the “equal price”.

If the product is from one of our partners, we will assist you in obtaining a replacement, again only if the problem arises from manufacturing defect.

Thanks for understanding!  We want you to enjoy our products to the most.