Services Added

Due to the weird way that some of our vendors and partners do their thing, we’ve decided to keep all of the services over on SquareUp for the time being.  What kinds of services?  Why, I’m glad you asked!

See, alchemy is about turning a base material into something of higher value.  That “base material” can be a soda pop can, or it can be a lump of clay, or it can be you.  There is nothing with more potential for magic and art and amazing experience than you yourself.

Sometimes, though, life is an asshole.  Childhood trauma, grief, loss, heartache, addiction… all these things get in the way of enjoying life.  Other times it’s just a matter of indecision or too many choices, or even not being able to see your choices at all.  We’ve got solutions for all of that.

The Square store is where you’ll find the links to get tarot readings, healing sessions, and to sign up for in-person classes.  As we offer more items along those lines, they’ll be located there.  Right now and only until January 6, 2019, you can get your Cycle of the Year reading.  These are done individually and delivered via email:

Simple layout for $15 or extended for $30


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