Thank you so much for filling out our survey and subsequent raffle!

Once we have at least 100 respondents, we’ll select a random winner to receive their choice of:

  • A hand-sculpted desk-sized dragon bust (your choice from the ten main D&D varieties)
  • A bag of 10 Permanent %&@% (stay tuned for more information on those)
  • A pair of ultralight prosthetic horns (your choice of style and colors)
  • A prosthetic unicorn horn (your choice of size and colors)

We have so many incredible ideas for what we can make for you guys that we really need a little focus.  Just to give you an idea of what sorts of things have been floated in the past, here’s a short list of what we’ve begun development on:

  • Wooden token trays, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-bowl versions, with or without card slots.  We designed these originally for use in Arkham Horror, but they’ve come in handy for any game with character cards and tokens.  These are sanded, sealed, and sometimes wood-burned or carved.
  • Aluminum meeples.  If you aren’t familiar with that word, it mostly means any vaguely universal token such as a people-shaped figure, or a brain, or a coin, or anything like that.  Since we’re not crazy about the anodizing process (just yet, we need a little more space for that), these are sculpted with impressions so that you can tell the difference between a 1st spell slot token and a 5th spell slot token.  The list from our brainstorming session is not short.
  • Fancier card trays.  Don’t get us wrong, we love Broken Token, but when you have a game that you really, really love, getting a more permanent, solid feature.  But we’re not quite as proud of our stuff as DogMight, so maybe somewhere between?  All of our things are made from discards and recyclable things, so we wouldn’t have the exotic wood options, just awesome craftsmanship.
  • Likewise, dice bags (sewn and knitted), dice and card boxes (we like ours with magnetic closures), dice towers…
  • Custom meeples.  Because we’re a micro-shop compared to most guys on the market, we can afford to do things like make aluminum or copper racing cars for Formula D, for instance, or personalized coins for your own world campaign.  We use super-fine sand-casting and only recycled materials, because we kinda like our planet.