The Alchemias Story

What if magic was closer than you think? What if you could make big things happen by changing up little things every day?

Magic is what you make. You can make something amazing out of something basic, or you can make yourself into something completely different. Be a unicorn, be an elf, be a wood sprite! Dress in gossamer and silk, or leather and fur. Halloween is a great time to do that, yeah, but always make an excuse to be extraordinary!

That’s why we like games, too. Board games, role-playing games, video games… we’re not picky. When you can take part in a story in small or grand ways, you can imagine yourself in a different world. You can be a psychic receiving messages from beyond the grave, or you can terraform Mars. You can craft brilliant stained glass windows, or you can go on an epic journey of self-discovery and redemption.

Our work is not limited to any singular craft. Here you will find pieces from all of the skills we’ve collected – woodworking, knitting, sculpting, casting, sewing, leather, and so much more. Every piece is designed to help you live a slightly more magical life through costume, games, or just a little pocket full of awesome.

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