Magic Is What You Make

Alchemy was the father (or grandfather, depending on who you ask) to almost all of the modern sciences. Chemistry, geology, thermodynamics, and even physics started somewhere near an alchemist’s lab. It wasn’t just about turning lead into gold, either – that was just a popular myth because it was something that people could relate to. No, it was about enforcing your will on the world around you. It was about empowerment and control.

Now, I could go into a long historical description of key figures, or wax poetic on the philosophical elements – and I probably will, from time to time – but for right now, I want you to know this: Alchemy and Magic are very much alive and well, and they are in greater demand than we’ve seen in centuries.

Millennials are sick of all the shit.

To be fair, not just Millennials. Everyone is. There is no doubt that a major piece of the growing interest in magic, witchcraft, alchemy, and other types of non-normative spiritual practices is that the tools that we are defaulted today are woefully lacking in self-efficacy. If you want something esoteric done, you have to pray to (a) g-d to “grant” you that thing, and if you don’t get it, then it just wasn’t g-d’s will for it to be done. Or you’re just a terrible person who doesn’t deserve it, whichever.

Here’s a fun story that describes what’s really going on:

A bunch of kids are told at various times by a local hobo that if they all leave food out by the big tree stump on the full moon – and if it’s the right kind of food – then a magical fairy will come down and grant them a wish. They all start leaving food out at the stump on full moons along with their wishes, and month after month, not a single kid gets their wish granted. Eventually, they all start talking and realizing that they’ve tried every single food they available to try to appease the fairy, and nothing is working… but doesn’t that hobo look like he’s gaining an awful lot of weight?

Pretty much everyone with a lick of common sense – not just Millennials as a generation – is getting wise to the fat hobos. And there’s a lot of them. The problem isn’t just that there’s a bunch of fat hobos, it’s that there’s a huge pile of wishes that have gone unanswered.

If wishes were horses…

… we’d all be eating steak.

No one makes a wish when they have no desires. No one spends time thinking about things that they don’t need or want. A “wish” is made when the heart lacks something and puts a name on the thing that will make it feel better.

For some people, it’s a new bicycle. For others, it’s a job. For still others, it’s a heart transplant.

Leaving food by the stump under a full moon ain’t doin’ shit – but mowing lawns, improving your education or working for yourself, or starting public campaigns for the money for the surgery does. (Yes, I live in the United States where we have to pay for our own life-saving and even just life-sustaining procedures, at the cost of thousands of dollars. Don’t get me started on that soap box just yet…)

That’s called self-empowerment. Instead of looking outside of yourself for someone to swoop in and save the day, you take matters into your own hands. You don’t sacrifice to some temperamental deity or persnickety forest spirit, you become your own superhero.

How To Be Your Own Magician

When I started Alchemias, the idea was to transform base things into prettier things, mostly focused on recycling trash into useful and durable items. As time has marched on and the idea has evolved, I’ve realized that the most important thing that I can help transform is you.

So, as we move forward, I’m going to share a lot of thoughts and news and ideas that I have about how you are your own best advocate for getting things done. Does that mean that I’m going to side-step the esoteric and bizarre? Oh, gods, no! But, there is a trick for using esoterica in your day-to-day life.

Making your life magical – and making magic in your life – is about how you think, how you accomplish things. It’s about intention, and it’s about knowing that you have no choice but to live in the Now – but you also have to keep an eye on that pesky past and consciously decide on what kind of a future you’re going to arrive in.

Services Added

Due to the weird way that some of our vendors and partners do their thing, we’ve decided to keep all of the services over on SquareUp for the time being.  What kinds of services?  Why, I’m glad you asked!

See, alchemy is about turning a base material into something of higher value.  That “base material” can be a soda pop can, or it can be a lump of clay, or it can be you.  There is nothing with more potential for magic and art and amazing experience than you yourself.

Sometimes, though, life is an asshole.  Childhood trauma, grief, loss, heartache, addiction… all these things get in the way of enjoying life.  Other times it’s just a matter of indecision or too many choices, or even not being able to see your choices at all.  We’ve got solutions for all of that.

The Square store is where you’ll find the links to get tarot readings, healing sessions, and to sign up for in-person classes.  As we offer more items along those lines, they’ll be located there.  Right now and only until January 6, 2019, you can get your Cycle of the Year reading.  These are done individually and delivered via email:

Simple layout for $15 or extended for $30

Horns in person!

We are delighted to announce that the Multiverse in Hurst, Texas, as started carrying our horns on consignment!  These are finished pieces, painted and sealed, and you can come around and see just how light and durable they are.  Of course, we’ll still take your custom orders, but if you’re local, this is a great place to go check out.

ALSO, VERY EXCITED to announce that we finally found a ready-to-go double-sided adhesive, which means that we can ship your horns to you ready to wear straight out of the box!

You’ll still have to use spirit gum for the little ones and prosthetic glue for the big ones after your first time, and we still highly recommend conditioning your skin properly with the antiperspirant solution beforehand.  We found that this new tape was incredibly durable and it was gentle enough to take off that you could probably use it for children over 3 years of age.

If you have kids younger than 3 years old, stay tuned because we’re going to be putting some little headbands on here.  (Only for the littlest kids, though: you older types are going to have to cheat on your own time.)

In even more exciting news, we’re also finally getting a new foundry!  That means that we should have bags of … treats for you guys in time for the winter holidays!

Stay tuned!