Magic is what you make.

This is partially a placeholder site until we finish fleshing out our mischief.

Support Services

Because we believe in helping people help themselves, we provide a great number of services to support micro- and small-business owners.

Self-Publication Support

Editing and formatting for ebook, paperback, and hardcover stories, including print copies with accessible fonts!

Print Marketing

We do minimal markup for professional printing of business cards, stickers, posters, and much more!

Business Design

Need some help fleshing out your ideas or drafting your business documentation? We can help!

Accessibility Coaching

Because our focus is on making the world a better, more magical place, we also provide DEI and accessibility consultation.

Writing Classes and Workshops

The next year will see some excellent programs supporting both new and seasoned writers with the North Texas Writers Collective.

And, As Always, The Crafts!

We still have horns, gaming supports, knitting notions, and various sundries.

Upcoming Titles

Our first foray into publishing is hosted mainly on Amazon. Full-length novels are collections over 60,000 words are available in electronic and print formats. Small short story collections and novellas will be in electronic book only until included in larger collections.

Thiside of Anywhere
by D.G. Swain

  • A Cryptid Collection, Volume 1
  • From Amazon
  • Adult themes and language

by D.G. Swain

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