Care and Feeding of Your Horns

Our horns are made from an ultralight polymer clay that can be worn directly on the skin for hours with only a bit of prosthetic glue. They’re hand-made and finished with a high-quality resin to keep them wearable year after year. All horns come in customized boxes with some double-sided tape, ready to be applied. (This is a high-quality scrap-booking tape, and it’s our new favorite for hours of wear!) You can still use Pros-Aide prosthetic glue to great effect if you can’t get your hands on more tape. We still recommend preparing your skin with an astringent or dab-on liquid antiperspirant prior to a night of dancing.

Keep them clean

The UV resin coating should make it very easy to keep your horns nice and shiny! Just use a little soap and water to rinse off any smudges or foreign substances.

DO NOT use isopropyl alcohol to clean the resin (unless you want to create a matte finish, because that’s exactly what will happen).

Peel off double-sided tape between uses. Do not stack tape, it just doesn’t stick very well once your face as been on there.

Use a gentle scraper and/or adhesive remover to get any spirit gum or prosthetic glue off between uses. DO NOT let glue sit on the horns when not in use, it gets crusty and crabby.

Fitting and modifying your horns

Our horns have an indention to help them form to the curve of your head. However, we freely acknowledge that heads can get weird and we couldn’t possibly anticipate the massive range of sizes, shapes, and textures. If you find that you need to modify the inside of the base to make a snugger fit, use a 180-grain fingernail file to create a deeper curve, starting at the center and working your way out towards the edge. You can reduce the indention by filing the edges, but be very gentle with this: the resin is resilient, but it can get a little sharp or dull when buffed.

Why do all the horns come in boxes now?

So, funny thing about making the lightest, easiest-to-wear prosthetic horns out there… they’re impossible to detect by weight. That means that if you take them off and drop them in your pocket or in your purse or even just leave them on the nightstand, there’s a high probability of one or both of them wandering off. We’ve even ended up washing them in the laundry once or twice! (They were fine, basically, but probably not a good idea to do that often.)

Thus, the decision was made to maximize their lifespan and usability by providing a dedicated space for them to live. The boxes also come with handy little paper pockets to keep extra tape or little bottles of spirit gum (PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY’RE CLOSED ALL THE WAY, THAT WAS A HUGE MESS AND NO ONE ELSE SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT, JUST SAYIN’).

Any other questions?

Feel free to send us a note to alchemias dot art at gmail dot com.