Magic Is What You Make

Alchemy was the father (or grandfather, depending on who you ask) to almost all of the modern sciences. Chemistry, geology, thermodynamics, and even physics started somewhere near an alchemist’s lab. It wasn’t just about turning lead into gold, either – that was just a popular myth because it was something that people could relate to. […]

Services Added

Due to the weird way that some of our vendors and partners do their thing, we’ve decided to keep all of the services over on SquareUp for the time being.  What kinds of services?  Why, I’m glad you asked! See, alchemy is about turning a base material into something of higher value.  That “base material” […]

Horns in person!

We are delighted to announce that the Multiverse in Hurst, Texas, as started carrying our horns on consignment!  These are finished pieces, painted and sealed, and you can come around and see just how light and durable they are.  Of course, we’ll still take your custom orders, but if you’re local, this is a great […]