Magic Is What You Make

Alchemy was the father (or grandfather, depending on who you ask) to almost all of the modern sciences. Chemistry, geology, thermodynamics, and even physics started somewhere near an alchemist’s lab. It wasn’t just about turning lead into gold, either – that was just a popular myth because it was something that people could relate to.

Love Objects? Love Objects!

It’s all about the inflection, you know?  Do you object to love, or is it the object of your love?

I love to make.  Sometimes the noun doesn’t matter, it’s just the verb, but the best things I make are inspired by the loves of my life – partners, kids, friends, etc.  The best part of having love so expansive and inspiring is that I really think that sometimes you’ll like these things, too.

For instance, you know that tarot tile set here?  That was actually the second set I made (after the prototype), because the first was for my mother-in-law, whom I adore.

Not to sound cliche, but…

What an insane year it’s been!  And it’s not even over yet! We’ve come up for air briefly to share our new batch of horns, just in time for Halloween.  The earlier you order, the sooner you’ll get them.  You know how nuts things can get right around the Big Day. This is our big